Pegi Shehu

Name:              Pegi

Surname:                 Shehu

Age:               23

                 Hobis:                 modeling,

swimming, dancing and acting

Height:       173cm

Bust:            95cm

Waist:         63cm

Hips:             93cm

Hair:             Brown

Eyes:            Brown

Dress size:         S

Shoes:           40

Nationality:         Albania

              Agency in Albania:        Imodelsmanagment

   Agency in kuwait:         Modelsnova  

Pegi Shehu Modeling Swimming

Pegi Shehu Modeling Swimming
pegi shehu model
Pegi Shehu Modeling Swimming

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It all started when i was 7 years old,in a competion for miss at beach,I won the crown.After years at 15 years old i started modeling.And after years i made modeling from passion in profession.My passion for this job made me a proffesional model with years,

Pegi Shehu – Modeling, Swimming, Actress & Dancing

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